2017 Edition


First place (tied)


Dustin Adamson / Ocean Shutter

Self taught underwater videographer from Utah, Dustin's films have won many underwater film competitions from
all around the world, including 3rd place in last year's Turquoise Bay Film festival. In 2015, Dustin was inducted
into the Ocean Artists Society.

Stay With Us - Part II - Stay Longer

Stay With Us Part II is a continuation of story about going into the depths to observe the small creatures of our oceans.
These creatures are strange and can even have a alien-like appearance. Not everything underwater needs to be large
to be interesting. These tiny critters have a personality all their own.


Evan Sherman / Seasick Productions

Evan Sherman is the owner of Seasick Productions, a full-service multimedia company that specializes in underwater imaging.
Based out of Orange County California, Seasick Productions provides on location and studio production services around
the world. Evan received his B.A. in Film and Electronic Media from California State University Long Beach. Evan’s professional underwater credits include television networks, Fortune 500 companies and numerous entities within the dive industry.

The Not So Silent World

As technology continues to transform the dive industry, we the image-makers prosper. With brighter lights, bigger
sensors, higher resolutions and better optics come the ability to capture subjects and behaviors never before obtainable.
The short film, "The Not So Silent World", combines all these advents in technology with a fresh perspective on the
post-production process. Through an untraditional approach to editing and the addition of sound effects, this film takes you
into “the muck” like never before.

Third place


Jose Carlos Rando Lara

Jose Carlos has been diving since 1992, filming underwater since 1993 and participating in
International Underwater Image Festivals such as "CIMASUB", Valladolid Submarine Film Festival
Mima-Medes Lestartic, Malaga Sea Hall, World Shootout Underwater, International Underwater Film Festival Belgrade.
He has won the following awards: Champion of Andalucia in 2008, twice 3rd place (2009, 2014), two Spanish
runners-up (2015, 2016) at CEVISUB and currently European Champion of Submarine Video 2016.

Secrets of the night

"Secrets of the Night" offers a dark but alternative universe, full of life and details in which we can
see color and delicate creatures, beauty that we do not know, hidden under the moon and revealed by the sea every night.

First place


Joe Kistel / Kistel Media

Joe Kistel is a marine conservationist who has learned cinematography can be a
powerful outreach tool for environmental awareness. He has produced several mini documentaries
to spread the word on the importance of underwater environments and the need to actively conserve them.
He is an author, speaker and founder of the marine organization TISIRI.

Sunken Conservation

"Sunken Conservation" is the first documentary of its kind to feature underwater worlds in offshore areas of
Florida that most people never knew existed. Viewers will follow marine conscious divers and scientists participating
in hands-on conservation endeavors to benefit these critical habitats. These efforts include marine habitat
creation, servicing existing habitats and removing invasive species (Lionfish).

Second place


Robert Hughan / Goofy Aqua Video

Robert Hughan was bom in Beverwijk in 1963. His parents returned from Indonesia where his father served in WWII.
They travelled all around the world. When Robert was 18 months old, the family moved to Liberia in West Africa.
Robert enjoyed a brash youth amidst the impressive African wildlife until he was about eleven years old.
He found inspiration in his parents' love for flora and fauna.

Life On The Rocks

The Costa Brava in Spain takes its name from the jagged rocks, elegant stones and fine pebbles along the coast.
Little attention goes to this rock-shaped foundation. Flora and Fauna live in a natural balance and form a unique part of nature.
To those who pay close attention, the elements have many things to tell. “Life on the rocks” takes you into a flow,
experiencing the natural world above and underwater.