2016 Edition


Evan Sherman - Bali Close up

For many, the name “Bali” conjures up images of rice paddies and towering temples. Yet, for those in the know, this iconic Indonesian island is more often seen as home
to the best diving in the world. But not just any diving: muck diving. What is muck diving, you ask? It’s a dive experience that defines the mud and mire that lay
at the bottom of many dive sites. Doesn’t sound like fun, huh? You have no idea.

Evan Sherman

Seasick Productions

Evan Sherman is the owner of Seasick Productions, a full-service multimedia company that specializes in underwater imaging. Based out of Orange County California, Seasick Productions provides on location and studio production services around the world. Evan received his B.A. in Film and Electronic Media from California State University Long Beach. Evan’s professional underwater credits include television networks, Fortune 500 companies and numerous entities within the dive industry.

Elodie Turpin - Tales Of The Sand

The Sand ... we look at it without paying any attention. Yet it is an amazing world of life of adaptations and behaviors as unique as they are varied!
Burying, hiding, digging, covering, crisscrossing, and resting: an apparently ordinary world inhabited by extraordinary animals.


Elodie Turpin


Through her university degrees in Biology and Cinema, Elodie has mixed her two passions, Wildlife Documentary and Ethology. Numerous professional trainings and studies related to underwater filming, post-production work and animal behaviour, led her
from South Africa to Malaysia, from the Bahamas to the Mediterranean Sea, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea.After spending hours diving and filming, she also enjoys editing her films, writing and reading her own commentary. Currently living in the Canary Islands, Spain, she produced various short films presenting the marine life of the archipelago.

Dustin Adamson - Stay with us

When I am critter diving, I think to myself that the creatures are alien like. Stay With Us is a film that I have tried to convey
to the audience the strange creatures that can be found underwater and what they look like, and my impression of what they would sound like.


Dustin Adamson

Ocean Shutter

After diving for the last 20 years, he decided to pick up a camera to film the wonderful underwater world back in 2012.
In 2015, he was inducted to the Ocean Artist Society.

Olivier Van Den Broeck/Greet Meulepas - The Indonesian Throughflow

From the Pacific to the Indian Ocean runs a powerful current, The Indonesian Throughflow! Because it carries planktonic eggs and larvae of all kinds
of species from the Pacific, it is the bringer of food and the bringer of life! A part of the Indonesian Throughflow runs through the Lombok Strait between Bali and Lombok.
This fact, together with significant upwelling zones and the influence of the Indian Ocean, is what makes the Balinese waters so rich and diverse.


Olivier Van Den Broeck/Greet Meulepas

Beyond Scuba

Olivier Van den Broeck, a PADI Master Instructor, underwater cameraman and his wife Greet Meulepas, a PADI IDC-Staff Instructor, Biologist, Marine Scientist and professional photographer form an all Belgian team of underwater film and documentary makers.